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A bridge builder that connects your businesses brand and commercial objectives to customers wants and needs.


About Me

I'm not just your average digital consultant. With 10 years of digital strategy, data interrogation, media platform knowledge, implementation and media management.

Capabilities & Skillset

Nicknamed 'Digital Unicorn' -

  • Marketing strategist
  • Consumer intent behaviour expert
  • Channel planner across content, search, social and programmatic display
  • Project manager and team leader
  • Mentor and teacher within the Media Federation Awards (MFA)

Experienced In -

  • Google Marketing Platform
  • Facebook Ad Manager
  • Wireframing & UX Design
  • Growth Marketing
  • Digital Consumer Behaviour & Journey Analysis
  • Google and Microsoft Ad Platforms
  • Agile Dashboards
  • Tribe Builder and Persona Profiling Expert

“The insights he derives from his ability to read audiences has led to an Effie and MFA winning campaign briefs and executions”
David Noonan, Marketing Communications Manager, Ford Australia


Award-winning insights for brands including Ford, Mondelez, BP, Bupa, Nike, BP and many more.

My commitment to you: Increase business results by building deeper connections with your customers

How? By taking the time to identify and solve your biggest business pain point. As a partnership, we will co-create a strategy and marketing plan that delivers customer, brand and business outcomes.

Case Studies

A showcase of amazing client work and achievements throughout the years

Ford Ranger Raptor Teaser Launch

6,000 enquiries at a CPA of $0.66 AUD

2019 Ford Ranger Raptor ute revealed 1200x675

In 2017 the top two selling vehicles were trucks, one of them being the Ford Ranger. To capture more market share against the Toyota Hilux, Ford has developed the ultimate ultimate performance truck called the Ford Ranger Raptor. Read more...

Ford Australia Brand Sentiment

149% Uplift In Brand Favourability

Ford Mustang GT

In 2016 local automotive manufacturing in Australia is about to stop, with Ford, Holden (GM) an Toyota announcing that they will shut down plants, cut jobs and discontinue local popular models such as the Ford Falcon Sedan and Ford Territory SUV. Read more...

Agencies & Partners

Stronger together with agency partnerships available.

Strategic, customer-centric, platform advice or media management? Together we can make it happen.

With years of agency experience I know where my skill set and services can be leveraged to reach your client's business objectives, whilst increasing revenue growth for your agency.

  • 144% Increase In Mindshare Melbourne Revenue in 1x year.

I have also worked closely with global partners such as Facebook, Google and Microsoft to unlock joint business plans, learning agendas, hackathons and data partnerships for both clients and agencies - Growing expertise and capabilities across teams.

  • Google
  • Facebook
  • Microsoft

Awards & Career Highlights

  • Part of Team Optimise in the Google Agency Machine Learning Hackathon 2018 – Finalist against 23 Agencies in Australia
  • Mindshare Purple Person Of The Year 2016 – Winner
  • Mindshare Purple Person Of The Year 2017 – Finalist
  • Mindshare Purple Person Of The Year 2018 – Finalist
  • B&T 30 under 30 2018 - Finalist
  • 2017 MFA Grand Prix Winner - Ford Science Of Tough Campaign
  • Worked on every new business pitch for Mindshare Melbourne – Highlights being REA, Bupa, Mondelez and Disney


Keep up to date with my latest research pieces, points of view, technology updates, stories and insights:

The consumer research phase is an untapped marketing goldmine

Aug 23, 2020

Aaron munoz OA Cy7 I Ag JU unsplash

Brands shouldn't be ignoring or leaving customers alone when they are researching. Now more than ever, this phase needs to be explored and activated within your marketing strategy. Let's learn how. Read more...

Detail-rich consumer journeys powered by intent

Jun 29, 2020

Clemens van lay un1s8 VOLRC0 unsplash

So far we have learnt that intent data can help brands unlock motivations and moments. Today we will use intent data to create a fully formed, detail-rich journeys to drive business growth. Read more...

The four truths of consumer intent

Jun 23, 2020

The four truths of consumer intent

Last week we defined consumer intent and learned that understanding what motivates people is the key to winning more hearts, minds and dollars. This week we’ll dive a little deeper and explore the four truths of consumer intent. Truths that provide brands with the toolkit to better engage with their customers and grow their business. Read more...


Don’t take my word for it…

“He is articulate and makes the complex simple – almost unheard of for someone in his field, and so very much appreciated”
Magdalina Triantafyllidis, Managing Director – GTB
“Shaun will place the needs of the client at the epicentre, then utilise his team and others to collectively provide not just an answer to the clients needs, but a holistic opportunity to solve their business challenges”
Adrian Epstein, Head Of Search - Mindshare
“Shaun is a sharp operator and – already – one of the smartest thought leaders in the tech search sector”
Matt Allison - Managing Director, Ubiquity Lab
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