The four truths of consumer intent

Monday, 24th Aug

Last week we defined consumer intent and learned that understanding what motivates people is the key to winning more hearts, minds and dollars. This week we’ll dive a little deeper and explore the four truths of consumer intent. Truths that provide brands with the toolkit to better engage with their customers and grow their business.

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Understanding the intent of the consumer requires data. Real-time, insight-rich data that comes from search functions such as Google, Amazon, YouTube, your website, etc. Each keyword and query we type into a search bar is a true identifier of the individuals want or a need.

The data in its original form is raw and vast in quantity. It takes time, specialised software and an understanding of intent to unlock the true motivations of your customers. Once that data is refined and turned into insights, consumer intent can then be applied to all marketing communications.

For example, an automotive brand used consumer intent data to understand how consumers use their 4x4 vehicles. The brand created consumer rich ad content that featured highly searched 4x4 routes and environments. The ad creative became one of the most highly engaged ad units to date.

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We’ve all heard of the saying: the right message at the right time. But, how do we know when is the right time? Intent data can easily identify these key moments within the consumer journey.

How? Each time a consumer searches online they create a digital touchpoint. This touchpoint – and the many other touchpoints that follow – can then be mapped to create a virtual pathway from the beginning to end.

Once digital journeys are mapped, brands can tailor communications across the journey to meet consumer expectations. For example, A big-ticket purchase like buying a car has up to 900 digital touchpoints. To increase brand awareness and frequency, a brand must be found across each touchpoint no matter how big or small.

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Consumers demand answers. They want the product or service now, and they want to experience it today and not in the future.

This immediacy means the consumer will ignore a brand if they try to control or slow down the pathway or process. A bad cart experience, the inability to find the information they want or complicated contact form are great examples of needs not being met quickly.

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Consumer Intent is never singular or a survey of one. They are communities of people bound together – in a moment - by similar wants, needs or interests. They are daily which allow brands to target these communities at scale for cost-effective media buying.

An insurance company used intent data to develop three marketing personas and two life events. The insights allowed the brand to create high performing mass personalised ad creative (7x higher CTR than standard display campaigns) and drove an extra 18% more quotes over the campaign period.

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Intent is powerful, engaging and a key driver of business growth. The four truths help brands further understand consumer intent and provide them with the toolkit to engage with their customers.

Contact Shaun Polidano Consulting to accelerate your business growth through consumer intent marketing today. Part 3 – Detail-rich consumer journeys powered by intent will be out next week, so follow or subscribe so you don’t miss it.

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