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ilume dog food

A 233% increase in brand awareness with a 10% conversion rate

Ilume packaging

ilume - give your dog longer.

ilume is a new breed of dog food company. It was created by dog lovers who asked, 'How can we help our dogs live longer and better lives?' The answer was more than just food. It was true nutrition, coupled with personalised feeding and health insights.

ilume created delicious and healthy dog food subscription boxes paired with intelligent technology that educates parents about their dog's wellbeing. An innovative product that has since gained a lot of love from both media and customers alike.

The challenge

ilume was unknown to the industry and its target audience. With the business ready to launch, they needed the support of a strong performance led marketing team to drive quality traffic and sales while building brand awareness within the category.

Our strategy

Our strategy consisted of two phases:

Phase one: Transform ilume's qualitative survey data about their target audience into a high-intent audience profile.

Phase two: Build a campaign based on consumer demand that blends brand and performance marketing channels.

Learnings from phase one were eye-opening and helped pivot ilume in the right direction. 'Premium dog food' dropped in relevancy for the brand, and what grew was an audience who cooked for their dogs.

Building on phase one, we began to map and plan how each insight would form our campaign structure and messaging. Alongside capturing intent through SEM, we used Google's Performance Max ad-buying unit to increase brand recognition and frequency online.

Through the power of mentoring, the team at Shaun Polidano Consulting continually challenged and improved how our business connects with our customers - Tanya Barrass, Media Lead at ilume

The results

The combination of audience insights, website data, strategic messaging, intent capture and performance-based brand awareness ad buy lead to the following results:

  • A 233% increase in brand keyword search volume.
  • 2.5 million impressions.
  • 54,000 in-market sessions.
  • A 10% conversion rate.
  • 2,470 custom order forms.
  • 2,930 add to shopping carts.

The team at Shaun Polidano Consulting were always customer-first with their approach to performance marketing. They used data to define creative, placement, and ad buys that led to outstanding business results within our first month

Tanya Barrass, Media Lead, ilume.

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