What is consumer intent?

Jun 15, 2020

Captain Philippa Georgiou from Star Trek Discovery once said: “The best way to know yourself is to know others”. Similarly, the best way to know your customers is to understand their intent.

The ultimate definition of consumer intent

Defining consumer intent

Over the next three weeks, I’ll be sharing my knowledge on all things consumer intent. What is it? The four truths that define it. How to apply it across the consumer journey.

Consumer intent is a beautiful - yet complex - human behaviour.

Consumer intent is the wants and needs of the consumer.

Their wants and needs at an exact moment of time and location.

A want is something that the consumer would like to have – for example, a new car, new clothes, a Netflix subscription, etc. Needs are essentials for everyday life – for example, food, a roof over their head, a connection to a community, etc.

The funny thing? Consumer intent is the most underutilised targeting or measurement metric. Currently, brands are too focused on demographics and impressions. Why? We are blinded by only knowing who the consumer is and getting in front of their eyes. We don’t know what motivates them. By utilising consumer intent we can understand our customer's desires and reasons they engage with us.

It's 2020. Its time for brands to take notice. Understanding consumer intent is the key to winning more hearts, minds and dollars; Shaun Polidano Consulting can get you there.

For when brands do take notice they become marketing powerhouses. They build feature-rich and engaging campaigns that lead to incredible business growth. They can achieve un-heard of marketing metrics and an increase in brand favourability and recognition.

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