Building intent-driven consumer journeys

Monday, 29th Jun

Last week we discussed the four truths of consumer intent. One of the truths was that consumer intent is full of moments. Moments that brands can map to better understand the consumer along their journey.

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Consumer journeys are not new. They are a great way to explain to clients how consumers search and find your brand in a linear and phased approach.

Usually, a linear consumer journey is as follows:

  1. Awareness - Aware of a topic, interest, need or want.
  2. Consideration - A mixture of brands, services, products and or resources are considered to meet the consumer's want or need.
  3. Acquisition - A transaction or exchange of details from the consumer to the provider.
  4. Adoption - Onboarding or implementation of the desired product or service.
  5. Retention - Satisfaction and continual usage of the product or service.
  6. Expansion - Consideration of upgrading or buying other services or products.
  7. Advocacy - Brand love, loyalty and user-generated promotion.

The funny thing is, no journey is streamlined. Each phase isn’t equal, the length of time is varied per person and we don’t ever understand the motivation before their journey begins. So far we have learnt that intent data can help brands unlock motivations and moments. Today we will use intent data to create fully formed, detail-rich journeys to drive business growth.

Continuing with my love for SciFi, Chrisjen Avasarla from the Expanse said “Never listen to what people say. Just watch what they do”.

The know, question, do and go framework.

Each touchpoint along the consumer journey can be assigned against one of the following categories: Know, question, do and go. The categories help brands to watch and measure how many times the consumer steps in and out of each phase to fulfil their intent.

Also to note, a consumer can begin their journey anywhere within the framework. At Shaun Polidano Consulting, we weigh each category based on the output of intent. This allows brands to measure where they need to dial up or down their messaging to achieve effective marketing results.


Definition: The consumer is looking for information on topics, brands, products or services. This is generally where the consumer would start, and covers a large portion of keyword searches being typed into a search engine every single day.

Where would it sit within the consumer journey? Across all of it, knowing is a cornerstone and will be a common consumer step within their journey.


Definition: The consumer is interrogating the topic, product or service to understand or get familiar with it. This is where the consumer is most interested in the given subject and when they are looking to sources or brands to help give them the answer and next step.

Where would it sit within the consumer journey? Across all of it. They are aware of the want or need and are trying to find more information to move further into the consumer journey.

A big driver of consideration or acquisition so this is an important category for all brands to consider.


Definition: The consumer is wanting to interact with your brand or platform by either; buying, downloading, signing up or registering.

Where would it sit within the consumer journey? Acquisition and retention. The consumer is looking to fulfil their need by interacting with your brand and finishing their journey.


Definition: The consumer is looking to navigate and reach a destination, location, city, state or country. Navigation is an at-need response to get to a physical location and how consumers can engage with your brand offline.

Where would it sit within the consumer journey? Acquisition and retention.

In summary.

The know, question, brand, do and go framework enables brands to better understand how consumers move through their journey. It grants brands the ability to “watch and interact” with consumers at the right time and with the right message.

When an automotive brand used this framework for a product launch, they devised an effective marketing strategy on how best to engage their customers across the journey. It led to an unprecedented 6,000 enquiries at a CPA of only $0.66.

For more information on how consumer intent data can turbocharge your marketing, contact Shaun Polidano Consulting today.

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