Ford Australia Brand Sentiment

149% Uplift In Brand Favourability

Ford Mustang GT

Executive Summary

In 2016 local automotive manufacturing in Australia is about to stop, with Ford, Holden (GM) an Toyota announcing that they will shut down plants, cut jobs and discontinue local popular models such as the Ford Falcon Sedan and Ford Territory SUV.

With negative sentiment and brand favourability on the decline, Ford Australia needed to effectively communicate their commitment to Australia and upcoming new global models to fill the gaps left within the market.

To connect with consumers, Ford and I used search data to unlock key insights into what people were looking for when purchasing a SUV, vehicle safety, design and future technology to then create bespoke editorial content on a large scale news network.


A brand lift study (BLS) was run to measure performance of this campaign, with Ford achieving the following results

  1. 149% uplift in brand favourability - 20x higher than the average auto benchmark
  2. The article called “5 Lifesaving Driver Skills” achieved the best results with a 233% increase over the control benchmark
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