Shaun & Patrick – A new 'Link' in the consumer demand team

Monday, 29th Nov

We are excited to announce our newest team member Patrick Espiritu; A young, passionate and politely-mannered marketing graduate. Patrick started at Shaun Polidano Consulting as our shiny and new marketing assistant.

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Let's take the time to get to know him a little better...

Hi, my name is Patrick and I’m currently in my final year at Deakin University, studying a Bachelor of Commerce, majoring in Marketing and a Bachelor of Business Analytics.

I’m pretty geeky/nerdy when it comes to my passions especially when geared towards video games. Over time, video games have evolved into cinematic and artistic pieces and are why I’d love to be a part of that industry one day.

I enjoy playing badminton with friends and have also had a strange interest in better understanding the art of conversation.

My pronouns are he/him/his and as for a nickname, I most commonly go by Patty.

Overall, I’m a very easy-going person, open to learning new things and experiences and someone that is able to work hard and play hard.

What do you love about marketing?

I love the balance of creativity and analytical logistics that go behind marketing and advertising. I think it also captures the essence of who I am, given that in high school my primary focus of the study was sciences and math, but a lot of my extracurricular revolved around music and theatre.

What have you enjoyed the most about your first day?

I really enjoyed and appreciated the amount of effort Shaun made to make me feel very welcomed and comfortable in a new environment. He’s very approachable and encourages lots of questions, regardless of how silly they may be.

What are three words that best describe you?

Optimistic, considerate and quirky.

If you were a protagonist within a game who would you be?

If I were a protagonist within a game I would be ‘Link’ from The Legend of Zelda series. He’s the type of character where actions speak louder than words, which resonates with me. Granted, he actually doesn’t talk in any of the games.

What has inspired you recently?

Something that recently inspired me was what was said by Judy Sheindlin (AKA former Judge Judy).

What she had said in a past Forbes Women’s Summit was that “if you didn’t make it in your 20’s, you can make it in your 30’s and if you didn’t make it in your 30’s, you can make it in your 40’s and if you didn’t make it in your 40’s, you can make it in your 50’s.” It was inspiring to hear that no matter what age, you are capable to chase your ambitions.

Here's a link to the short snippets of the event.

What is your secret superpower?

My secret superpower would be to ‘overthink’. I can be an over-analytical person that thinks too much of the hypotheticals of a given situation that might occur. I like to think of this as a form of over-preparation.

Last but not least, what is your favourite beverage of choice?

Water is my go-to beverage of choice. However, if it couldn’t be water and is a bit more interesting would be ‘lemon-lime and bitters’ for non-alcoholic and ‘Canadian Club’ with dry ginger ale for an alcoholic beverage.

Look out for Patrick in meetings or email chains, will be doing personal introductions to clients and partners over the next few weeks.

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