Insights that will answer essential questions:

  1. Who is searching for your branded keywords?
  2. Which location are they searching from?
  3. What type of content will resonate best with your audience?
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How will the consumer demand audience analyser improve my marketing?

Everyone wants more traffic to their website. The issue with 'more traffic' is that you lose sight of the desired audience you want on your site to complete an action.

To combat this, we have developed the consumer demand audience analyser to show you who you are targeting with those highly searched keywords.

The analyser helps marketers, entrepreneurs and business owners better understand who is searching for essential keywords and learn how best to engage them, with the right content that will lead to action.

I'm intrigued; how much is it, and what does it involve?

The audience analyser is an integral part of our consumer demand strategy work for clients. As a separate project, the audience analyser is worth AUD $3,000.

For a limited time only, we are offering new clients an introductory offer of AUD $499, which will include:

  • Audience analysis on up to 50 keywords that you are targeting within search (SEM or SEO).

  • We'll run the data within the analyser to understand who they are, where are they searching, and their content needs.

  • Access to the leading consumer demand specialist in Australia, Shaun Polidano, to talk you through the results and how best to use that data for future business success.

Do Something Great

How analysing search data revolutionized ilume's marketing:




Yup, I want. How do I begin?

We like to make things simple here at Shaun Polidano Consulting.

Fill in your details below to secure your spot for this limited time offer. Shaun will then be in touch to confirm your details and log your project into the audience analyser.

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